About Us

Music Liinks is the exclusive online music platform connecting Artists, producers, bands, fans and record labels together in one, easy to use online place. Founded by DJ, producer & entrepreneur Jonathan Sykes, Music Liinks makes it easy for new music to be discovered and shared throughout the world. Whether you just like listening to music, you are a musician trying to get your music heard, or you are a record label looking for new talent, Music Liinks is the one place where you can find what you are looking for and a whole lot more! 

The music industry is massive and independent artists can sometimes find themselves, and their music, lost in a sea of various artists, genres and labels. It can be difficult to get noticed even with social media, the internet and modern technology. Music Liinks makes that easy and it can help connect up and coming artists with their fans, record labels and industry influence's looking for the next big thing or artists that suit there Label or listening genre. 

With Music Liinks, the music industry just got a whole lot smaller and more connected.

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